Luxurious, durable, easy-to-clean quartz stone is one of the most used interior materials for architectural spaces today. As the engineered quartz industry evolves, suppliers create a variety of quartz slabs to suit each client’s project needs.

However, choosing a substandard quartz stone product can ruin the interior space or cause costly investment costs. So a quartz stone slab is considered quality assurance when the supplier’s stone products you choose must meet the following basic standards:

1. Size Standards

1.1. Size Standard of Quartz Slabs:

Size of Vietnam Quartz Stone is available in size that ideal for kitchen countertop and vanity top

– 126” x 63” (Equality 3200 x 1600 mm)

– Normal thickness option: ¾” (20mm +/- 1 mm) and

                                          1 ¼”(30mm +/- 1mm)

1.2. Size Standard of finishing products

– The length and width: Allowed +/-1 mm from drawing’s dimension

– The thickness: Allowed +/-1 mm from Standard thickness

– Using tape measure and vernier caliper to check

1.3. The flatness tolerance

– Tolerance: ≤ 1mm per 1 m of the length

– Using spirit level and taper gauge to check

2. Surface Standards

2.1. Top Surface Standard

  • Color: 

Note: Advising to check outside with the light sun

– Color will be compared with the color which was confirmed by customers and quartz stone manufacturers

– The color is nearly similar. If it is clearly differences at least 1 meter of distance 

🡺 It is not acceptable.

– Color Shade: the popular different color on top surface is realized from distance of ≥1 meter. 

🡺 It is not acceptable.

– Stain and rust color are not acceptable.

  • Colorful spot:

– Points or spots have size more than 1 mm, which have contrast color with background at distance of 1 meter.

🡺 It is not acceptable and will be fixed.

  • Vein and color 

– Any errors of vein are not acceptable such as different vein color, blur, wrong position….


Standard vein and color

Errors in vein and color

  • Gloss standard 

– Scratched surface, color shade are not acceptable.

Scratched surface

Color shade

  • Other

– Cracks and porosity are not acceptable

Cracks and porosity

2.2. Backside Surface Standard

– Backside surface must to be flat

– Any shake, any dents are not acceptable

– Porosity in a large area is not acceptable

3. Packing Standards 

– Products are cleaned before packing in front and back of quartz slabs.

– Each bundle can stuff from 10-15 slabs depend of thickness of quartz slab.

– Each bundle is protected by nylons or plastic bags.

– Bundles are assured to be dryness, cleanness, smoothness and be completely fumigated no termite.

– Bundles are marked with fumigation mark clearly.

– Using new straps to fix the nylons or plastic bags.

– The products are arranged vertically.

– Other requested packing method will follow as customers’ instruction.

4. Label Standards

– Stamping must be legible. This means it must be of adequate size, and clear enough, to be read easily by a person of normal vision.

– Stamping should be located in a conspicuous place.

– Stamping must be in a position where they will not be covered or concealed by subsequent attachments or additions.

– The item number and manufacturing date must be stamped on each slab.

– Each package will have a paper label which was affixed to one side of slabs. The details label include: item number, order number, Color, Size, number of bundle, size of the bundle.

– The country of origin must be stamped on the bundle.

– Other special label stamp will follow as customer’s instruction.