The sea has long served as a muse for creative minds, fueling endless inspiration across various art forms. Its vast and enigmatic nature exudes both power and tranquility, luring observers into a mesmerizing dance. Whether it evokes a sense of tranquility, comfort, or energizes one to conquer the day, the ocean’s allure is undeniable. Vinaquartz has beautifully captured this essence in their latest summer collection – The Maritime Collection for Summer, brimming with oceanic vitality and beauty

Urban condo with floor to ceiling windows and ocean view

Creativity Overflowing: Get Summer Inspiration from the Sea

Experience the vivid beauty of the sea with Vinaquartz’s Maritime Collection for Summer. The delicate turquoise hue of the water, the pale yellow of the sand, and the white of the sky are all emphasized by intricate silver-gray textures. This collection showcases multi-layered colors interwoven through rippled textures that span the entire quartz slab, creating a deep and realistic appearance reminiscent of thousands of years old sediment layers. Don’t miss out on the various mellow and intense shades of the sea in this new collection

Each product in The Maritime Collection for Summer brings a different color and story to the sea: Indulge in the serene beauty of Calacatta Pandora -VQ8019W, featuring delicate blue thick veins on a white background reminiscent of a cool turquoise sea at dawn. And witness the graceful elegance of St. Abigail – VQ9002 with black thin veins, outlining soft and flexible clouds against the tranquil sea at sunset. 

Our latest range of products aims to bring the liberating, comfortable, and peaceful spirit of the sea paradise right into your living space. Transform your home into a source of inspiration and positivity with our innovative designs and diverse color palette.  “The Maritime Collection for Summer – Bring a Little Seaside into Your Home” – is a testament to our commitment to lead trends and infuse art and nature into your living spaces. With “15 years of trusted brand globally” and our motto “Aspired by nature, made for life”, we guarantee to meet all your design desires with innovative designs and a diverse color palette. Transform your living space with Vinaquartz.

Dive into the depths of beauty with our Maritime Collection for Summer

Discover the captivating essence of the sea showcased in The Maritime Collection for Summer. From intense to soothing, experience the ocean’s many facets that dispel everyday fatigue and bring a sense of peace. 

VQ8019W – Calacatta Pandora 

This design features a white stone background with unique blue veins that depict the calming and revitalizing energy of the sea, perfect for creating a relaxing space. The design’s large veining creates a spacious feel, making it an excellent choice for expansive kitchen areas or large living rooms. Consider matching the blue and white aesthetic with Mediterranean or modern interiors for a cohesive and refreshing look. Start each day inspired by the rejuvenating energy of the ocean with The Maritime Collection.

VQ9002 – St. Abigail

Introducing the stunning VQ9002 – St. Abigail design, featuring natural black veins intricately woven throughout its many layers. Against a white stone background, this design evokes a sense of softness and flexibility, while maintaining a remarkably orderly aesthetic. The vast landscape depicted in this design draws upon the meeting of sky and clouds, offering an energy that will calm and stabilize any mood. Perfectly suited to any large kitchen space with island countertops, this design is exceptionally easy to coordinate with your existing kitchen utensils. Experience the balance it brings to your life today.

Why choosing Vinaquartz’s Maritime Collection to decorate your summer space?

By choosing Vinaquartz’s exquisite quartz slabs in the Maritime Collection for Summer, customers can elevate your space with the tranquil essence of the ocean. Our stunning and trendy colors will leave you captivated, and our low-anti dumping measures and expert advice ensure you enjoy excellent import tax. 

With various sizes and customized designs catered to your requirements, our R&D team is dedicated to providing the highest quality products. This collection presents a fantastic opportunity to create Quartz Fabrication products that will truly impress.

Vinaquartz is currently confident in in offering the markets’ whitest background quartz slabs, alongside a generous warranty ensuring exceptional benefits for our customers. The white background slab uses the brightest white materials and lines only on the face. It is suitable for customers who like lightness but still want a luxurious space. 


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